Establishing quality

We establish quality through our audit and research activities.

We support critical care research by sharing both information and expertise with many other organisations and individuals, locally, nationally and internationally.  

Using the data

We use the data collected for our audits and research studies to:

  • provide information about how critical care is organised and delivered;
  • provide information on the patterns, causes and effects (epidemiology) of critical care; 
  • link to other data so that the same information is not collected more than once;
  • help with decision-making about the best way to design research.

Sharing expertise

We share expertise by working on the committees for other audits and research studies, for example:

  • Trial/Study Steering Committees;
  • Data Monitoring and Ethics Committees;
  • Advisory Committees.

Supporting development

We support the future development of national clinical audits and critical care research by providing both information and expertise for: 

  • research students/fellows;
  • clinical researchers/scholars.

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