Environmental standards

We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment in all areas. We have made many changes to the way we do things in and around the office that make better use of the energy and raw materials we do use.

  • We purchase sustainable office supplies where we can (e.g. recycled paper).
  • We use suppliers with clear ethical policies.
  • We use local suppliers where we can.
  • We plan our ordering so we can minimise the number of deliveries we receive.
  • We recycle as widely as possible including paper, envelopes, card, office equipment, batteries and so on.
  • We use ‘waste-to-energy’ incineration for waste that can’t be recycled.
  • We try to limit the amount of printing we do and print two to a page and on both sides of the paper where possible.
  • We communicate via email and telephone where possible, only printing and posting information where absolutely necessary.
  • We provide the option to attend meetings via teleconference or Skype where possible.
  • When we do need to travel, we travel by rail for the majority of journeys within UK and Europe.
  • We turn off electrical equipment (such as computers) overnight or when not in use for long periods.
  • We promote the use of sustainable travel by offering staff season ticket loans and support the Cycle to Work scheme.

There is always more that we can do so, if you have any suggestions or questions, please contact the Operations team.

You can download the organisations Environmental Policy here

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