Quarterly Prize winner

This quarter the award goes to:
Poole Hospital Intensive Care/High Dependency Unit. The unit continues to demonstrate highly effective participation; providing timely data, precise and productive text box notes and maintaining a good working relationship with their Case Officer.
Information Analyst, and our main point of contact at Poole, Kate Rose found time in her busy schedule to feed back to us:
“Working on the ICNARC CMP audit for the last 18 months has been extremely interesting and equally enjoyable! A particular challenge can be ensuring that all the data checks I undertake locally are completed to a standard I’m satisfied with, within the optimum time frame for data submission. However both our Case Officer and Consultant Lead for CMP are always very supportive and helpful which assists the process greatly.
The most rewarding part of working on the audit is being able to review our performance as a Unit in the form of the Quarterly Quality Report. It’s a lovely reminder of why high quality data is imperative. It’s also a reflection of the dedication and commitment of our staff at Poole Critical Care.
My advice to audit clerks is that attention to detail is everything, as the data can have such a significant impact on clinical outcomes and potential future research in Critical Care medicine!”
A well-deserved award! Congratulations again and thanks for the ongoing hard work.

Published 17/08/2017

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