About us

At the Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre (ICNARC), our focus is on people who are likely to become, currently are, or are recovering from being critically ill. We work to help ensure the best possible care by facilitating improvements in the structure, processes, outcomes and experiences of critical care - for patients and for those who care for them.

We achieve this by providing information about the quality of care to those who commission, manage, deliver and experience critical care (both within and outside the NHS) through our national clinical audits and our clinical and health services research studies.

ICNARC manages four national clinical audits - the Case Mix Programme (CMP) and Irish National Intensive Care Unit Audit (INICUA) which address adult critical care, the Assessment of Risk in Cardiothoracic Intensive Care (ARCtIC) which addresses adult cardiothoracic critical care and the National Cardiac Arrest Audit (NCAA) which addresses in-hospital cardiac arrest.

ICNARC manages a broad portfolio of research, both experimental (randomised clinical trials) and observational, applying quantitative and qualitative methods - within its UK Clinical Research Collaboration registered Clinical Trials Unit.

Our Governance

We are an independent registered charity (charity number: 1039417). The Trustees form the Board of Management and are responsible for the governance and strategy of ICNARC. The Board of Management is made up of eleven Trustees, comprising a mix of clinical and lay members. The Trustees have full legal responsibility for the actions of ICNARC.

Our Annual Report and Accounts

Our Annual Report and Accounts showcases our successes and achievements over the past year. It also highlights our plans for the coming year. Our Annual Reports and Accounts are submitted to the Charity Commission annually and can be accessed in our 'Related links' section on the right of this page.

Our latest report can be downloaded here:

Annual Report and Accounts 2017

Tackling Fraud

We have taken the Counter Fraud Pledge to demonstrate our commitment to tackling fraud - find out more: http://www.cfg.org.uk/Policy/counter-fraud-campaign

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