Patients and relatives

We work directly with staff in critical care units and hospitals to provide high quality information to help them make the best decisions about caring for their patients. 

Patient perspectives after recovery from critical care 

A special blog on her perspective of recovery from critical care from one of our Trustees (ex-ICU patient) as the COVID-19 pandemic hits. This can be read here.

Information about experiences of critical care 

We supported the development of two sections about critical care on the award-winning website Healthtalk.  

This website lets you share in other people’s experiences of health and illness. The information is based on research into patient experiences led by experts at the University of Oxford.

The sections we supported include:

We also supported the development of a third section about organ donation

Information about critical care and the critical care unit 

The Intensive Care Society provides information for patients and relatives about critical care via the Intensive Care Foundation (ICF).

The ICF website provides:

  • Support (what to expect when you visit a critical care unit)
  • Resources (such as patient information booklets)
  • Patients’ stories (including inspiring fundraising efforts by former patients; family/friends; and staff)

The Royal College of Anaesthetists also provide information for patients and relatives about critical care. Many anaesthetists choose to specialise in intensive care medicine. These anaesthetists work on a critical care unit to look after critically ill patients.

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