Board of Management/Trustees

As a registered charity, we are governed by a board of Trustees (our Board of Management) who, in line with Charity Commission guidance, are responsible for the governance of ICNARC and making strategic and policy decisions for its future.

Our Senior Management Team

We are managed by a Senior Management Team (SMT) led by the Director/Head of Audit at ICNARC, Professor Kathy Rowan. The SMT is responsible for ensuring that ICNARC meets its key objectives and for ensuring effective communication and sharing of expertise and knowledge across the organisation. The SMT works closely with the Board of Management (Trustees).

Our SMT members are:
  • Professor David Harrison | Head Statistician
  • Paul Mouncey | Head of Research
  • Peter Hyde| Chief Operating Officer

Our staff

Our staff are highly skilled and from varied backgrounds. We offer a supportive environment and encourage the development of skills, experience and knowledge. Good communication is vital to ensure our staff are supported and our aims and objectives are achieved. We hold regular staff meetings, team meetings and team building events to enable and encourage our staff to work together effectively.

It’s an exciting time to work for ICNARC. We are an innovative organisation with a highly committed and skilled team. We support and develop staff and offer you the opportunity to develop your career and get involved in a variety of projects.  

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