Our National Audit Programme (NAP)

All national clinical audits managed by ICNARC sit under our ‘National Audit Programme’ umbrella.

Our National Audit Programme:

  • new audits
  • new audit products (e.g. comparative reports)
  • current audits (size and scope of data collection)
  • current audit products (how they work and what they cover)
  • ways to speed up data processing
  • sharing best practice and learning across our audits
  • the way we handle information security
  • the services we provide to our customers
  • the way we define the data collected
  • how we ensure data are as good as they can be
  • our reports (what they cover, their structure and design)
  • our approach to changes in health care policy
  • managing deadlines/pressure points across the team
  • maintaining staffing levels/cover
  • cross-audit working
  • links with other audits and research studies (within ICNARC and externally)

Latest News - Audit

  1. The ICNARC office will be closed today 22/05/2018 from 10:00 am-16:00 pm.

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  2. A summary of the ICNARC Annual Conference 2018

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  3. An Interview With…Karen Doyle, Cardiology and Resuscitation Audit Nurse

    Karen shares her experience of participating in NCAA

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  4. Update to NCAA Scope and Dataset (Effective 1 April 2018)

    Exclusion of pre-hospital arrests and addition of 'Not assessed' option for CPC

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  5. CMP Newsletter: February 2018

    Issue 2 has been published.

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  6. Summary of the Seventh NCAA Annual Meeting

    #NCAAMEET17 highlights

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  7. CMP Annual Quality Report 2016/17

    Online now at https://onlinereports.icnarc.org/

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  8. The revised Process guide for audit staff is now available

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  9. CMP Dataset Quiz

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  10. Learn more about the ICNARC Coding Method Update

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All Latest News - Audit