Update to NCAA Scope and Dataset (Effective 1 April 2018)

Exclusion of pre-hospital arrests and addition of 'Not assessed' option for CPC

NCAA Scope

Following discussions at the last NCAA Annual Meeting and with the advent of the Out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes (OHCAO) Registry, the NCAA Steering Group has decided to amend the NCAA scope to exclude any resuscitation event commencing in the community and subsequently attended by the in-hospital resuscitation team (or equivalent).

The rationale for this change is both to ensure that there is no double counting of arrests between OHCAO and NCAA and to improve standardisation of data collection across NCAA participating hospitals. Currently, not all hospitals include resuscitation events commencing in the community. Feedback from participating hospitals for this change has been very positive.

The NCAA scope has therefore been amended to: 

Any resuscitation event commencing in-hospital where an individual receives chest compression(s) and/or defibrillation and is attended by the hospital-based resuscitation team (or equivalent) in response to a 2222 call.

Data will be collected where ALL of the following criteria are met (in any order):

  • individual is an adult or child over 28 days;
  • resuscitation event commenced in-hospital; this includes all areas covered by the hospital-based resuscitation team (or equivalent);
  • individual received chest compression(s) and/or defibrillation;
  • 2222 call made; and
  • individual attended to by hospital-based resuscitation team (or equivalent) in response to the 2222 call.

NCAA Dataset

In response to feedback from participants, we are aware that it is sometimes impossible to infer the Cerebral Performance Category (CPC) from documented information. To ensure the quality of CPC data, a “Not assessed” option will be added to the ‘CPC at discharge from your hospital’ field. This option should be selected only after all avenues for obtaining CPC within your hospital have been tried.

Both updates will come into effect from 1 April 2018.

Updated versions of the NCAA Data Collection Form, Data Collection Manual, Dataset Flow Diagram and Dataset Quiz are available to download from File Exchange File Exchange via the NCAA secure online system; other supporting documents will be updated in due course.

If you have any questions please contact the NCAA Team.

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