Dataset June 2019 Newsletter

Dataset 4.0 Update

CMP Dataset Version 4.0


At the Annual Meeting, David Harrison, our Head Statistician presented an update on the CMP Version 4.0 Dataset. We now have a hub on our website for V4.0 information, and the slides from David’s presentation are available to download from this page.


A detailed Field specification spreadsheet, along with Dataset Flow Diagrams, have been released to CMP software developers to begin the process of converting data collection software to the new Dataset.


We are now working on additional supporting documents for the software developers, and throughout the summer we will be working on a V4.0 training and documents package for CMP participating units.


The software developers will have a complete set of documents, and be able to begin testing their software, using Platform X, from 1 October 2019. Once a software has passed these tests and been certified as V4.0 compliant, units using this application will then be able to transition to the new Dataset.


We are hopeful that some CMP units will begin collecting CMP Version 4.0 data by 1 January 2020.


The final date for all participating units to have transitioned from V3.1 and be collecting the V4.0 Dataset has been set as 1 January 2021. You can find a full provisional timetable for the transition period on the V4.0 webpage.


We will be keeping you updated on V4.0 throughout the year, through newsletters and updates. Please visit and bookmark the webpage and look out for further news.

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