June 2019 Platform X

Platform X (PX) update taken from the June 2019 CMP Newsletter

PX is our new platform for the submission, validation and reporting of CMP data.


Sasha Korniak, Head of Data & Business Technology, gave an update on progress with Platform X at the ICNARC CMP Annual Meeting 2019, on 1 May, and we are pleased to announce even more progress since then.

We are currently using a small number of units to conduct parallel processing testing. This sees them process their quarterly data through the traditional system of submitting through File Exchange, and then receiving and completing the pdf DVRs, whilst also uploading their data to PX and processing it on there.

The great news is that we now have some units who have completed processing of a full quarter of data on the new portal!

Some figures showing the PX progress are:

  • 22 units have logged into the system
  • 18 units have uploaded data
  • 12 units have begun using the online DVRs
  • 9 units have clean January-March 2019 data


As the parallel processing is a little more resource intensive, in terms of unit workload, than standard processing on a single system, our Data Coordinators have specially selected the units currently involved in this testing.

The next stage of testing will be with the April-June 2019 data submissions, and units have been selected for this stage, which we will be contacting in the coming days.


We are very happy for any units to register their interest moving to PX and being involved in testing. If you are interested, or have any PX related queries, please contact us at PlatformX@icnarc.org.

We will keep you all updated throughout the onboarding process.


We’d like to say a special thanks to those units who have been the guinea pigs in testing the system so far!





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