About the CMP

The Case Mix Programme (CMP) is an audit of patient outcomes from adult, general critical care units (intensive care and combined intensive care/high dependency units) covering England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The CMP is listed in the Department of Health’s ‘Quality Accounts’ as a recognised national audit by the National Advisory Group on Clinical Audit & Enquiries (NAGCAE) for ‘Acute’ care.

Currently 100% of adult, general critical care units participate in the CMP. Other specialist units, including neurosciences, cardiac and high dependency units, also participate.

The CMP is open to both NHS (publically funded) and independent sector critical care units.

How it works

Critical care units collect data on all the patients they admit to their unit. They securely submit these data and the CMP team run over 600 validation checks, identifying errors and missing information. Units then have a chance to correct and complete the data before analyses.

We compare the data from these patients with the outcomes from other similar patients, other similar units and all the units in the CMP. The unit receives a Data Analysis Report which identifies trends over time showing how the unit compares with others and helps the unit understand more about the care they deliver. It aims to assist them in decision-making, resource allocation and local quality improvement.

The bigger picture

With over 1.8 million patients in the database, the CMP provides the backbone for several important research studies and is a useful resource for many types of data analysis. We also publish the CMP Annual Quality Report. This publically available report compares the risk-adjusted mortality and key quality indicators at various levels (for critical care units, hospitals and trusts), for the period 1 April to 31 March annually.

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