The CMP team

The CMP team is dedicated to helping you make the most of your participation in the CMP. We provide support and guidance to ensure you receive accurate and timely data analyses to facilitate local performance management and quality improvement.

National Clinical Audit Manager

The National Clinical Audit Manager is responsible for the day-to-day running of the CMP, including working with the CMP team to manage participation levels and recruiting new critical care units. Additionally, the National Clinical Audit Manager oversees CMP events and publication of the CMP Annual Quality Report. The National Clinical Audit Manager is an integral part of the ICNARC Leadership Team and works to ensure that the CMP continues to develop and improve the processes, products and service we deliver to our participants.

CMP Coordinator

The CMP Coordinator manages the CMP team’s workload and monitors unit participation throughout the year. The CMP Coordinator also runs the Dataset Workshops on a quarterly basis which provides audit training to unit staff, as well as being a full-time Data Coordinator. 

Data Coordinators

Data Coordinators manage the day-to-day needs of participating critical care units. They process data files, rigorously manage the validation process and ensure that data are analysed and reported back to units in an accurate and timely manner. All CMP critical care units are assigned a dedicated Data Coordinator to manage and process their data and support their successful participation.

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