CMP Participation

Why participate?

Participants receive regular comparative analyses from the CMP Database (of over 1.5 million admissions to critical care), detailing a range of established potential quality indicators, including:

  • hospital mortality;
  • unit-acquired Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA);
  • non-clinical transfers (out);
  • unplanned readmissions within 48 hours; and
  • out-of-hours discharges to the ward (not delayed). 

The CMP is included as a national clinical audit on the NHS England Quality Accounts List.

Ongoing support and assistance is provided to all CMP participating units, including a dedicated Data Coordinator, training resources, contacts lists and an abundance of guidance documents.

Who can participate?

NHS, other publically funded and independent hospital critical care units across England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Ireland are welcome to join. We welcome enquieries from interested critical care units who may wish to take advantage of the services we offer via the CMP.

The CMP also provides Data Analyses Reports with recalibrations of the ICNARC model tailored to their specific case mix to neurosciences, multiple injury, cardiac and high dependency units.

Current participation

The CMP has excellent participation rates: 99% of all adult, general, critical care units (ICU and ICU/HDU) in England, Wales and Northern Ireland with more units joining all the time.

You can find out if your unit is one of them by referring to the CMP Participating Units list (see Related files for document).   

Purchasing/acquiring software

To participate in the CMP, units must ensure they have the necessary CMP compliant data collection software installed locally.

For information on purchasing/acquiring software and for a list of registered software developers, please download the ‘Software developer list’ document.

For more information please contact us to request a copy of the CMP Recruitment Pack.

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