CMP Dataset Version 4.0

ICNARC Case Mix Programme Dataset Version 4.0

We are now in the process of releasing an update to the CMP Dataset, taking us from the current Version 3.1 to Version 4.0.

The headline aims for the new dataset are:

  • Evolution not revolution;
  • Simplify data collection wherever possible;
  • Further improve risk modelling;
  • Align with standards (e.g. GPICS - Guidelines for the Provision for Intensive Care Services);
  • Reflect current practice.


Dataset consultation is complete. This has been an extensive process and has included the following groups:

  • ICS/FICM Joint Standards Committee;
  • NHS England Adult Critical Care Specialty Group;
  • National Adult Critical Care Data Group; and, most importantly
  • CMP participating critical care units.


David Harrison, our Head Statistician, provided an update on the new Dataset at the ICNARC CMP Annual Meeting 2019 and the slides from this presentation are available under the Related Files on this page.

Specification documents have been released to CMP software developers. Please see the provisional timetable for the transition to V4.0 below.

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Provisional timetable for transition from CMP Dataset Version 3.1 to Version 4.0


25 April 2019

Webinar presented to CMP Software Developers introducing initial V4.0 specification documents and timeline for development

1 May 2019

V4.0 update presented by David Harrison at ICNARC CMP Annual Meeting 2019 (see Related Files)

7 May 2019

Field Specification and Dataset Flow Diagrams released to CMP Software Developers

July 2019

Technical Specification and further development documents released to CMP Software Developers

October 2019

Software Developers begin testing Version 4.0 test data extracts by uploading to Platform X

Summer 2020

ICNARC complete final clinical review

Autumn 2020

Final specification documents released to CMP Software Developers

Winter 2020 /

Spring 2021

ICNARC working on documentation and training tools for units, including CMP V4.0 Data Dictionary

Software Developers continue testing V4.0 data extracts until all checks are passed & software is certified V4.0 compliant (once compliant, units using the application will be able to transition to new Dataset)

1 April 2021

First pilot units begin CMP V4.0 Data Collection

1 April 2022

Larger scale transition of CMP units to V4.0 begins

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