Platform X

Platform X is our new portal for the submission, validation and reporting of CMP data.

 The benefits of managing CMP participation through Platform X include:

  • Paperless system: in line with NHS targets;

  • Direct data upload: upload your data submission and updates directly into Platform X;

  • Online data validation: no more paper/ pdfs/ scanning/ uploading - get your instant online DVR as soon as you upload your data;

  • Customise your DVR for the stage of validation you are at: filter out outstanding outcome queries until nearer the end of the validation process, where most outcomes will have been completed by data upload; and

  • Faster processing: validate your data quicker, receive your QQR earlier!


We are in the process of onboarding CMP units and will be keeping everyone informed of progress through newsletters and updates and this page will be your hub for information.

Please bookmark this page (Ctrl+D) to ensure you can easily access the latest updates, via the Related Files tab.

A Quick Start Guide is available and this guide can give you an idea of how data processing will work in the new system.

If you have any queries, please email us at






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