CMP compliant software

What is CMP software?

Participating units use local, bespoke, CMP compliant software to collect and submit data to the CMP.

CMP software must conform to the current ICNARC Case Mix Programme Dataset Specification (ICMPDS).

As we do not provide our own software, we have a specialist group of registered, compliant, software developers providing CMP software solutions to participating CMP units.

Looking for a software developer?

For a complete list of registered, compliant CMP software developers, see the Software developer list (under Related files).

Interested in becoming a CMP developer?

All the information you need to become a CMP software developer can be found in the Registration Pack – Guidance for new software developers (see Related files).

Already a registered developer?

Any updates to the ICMPDS documents will be distributed by email. See Related files for the Country Codes list

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