What is File Exchange?

File Exchange is our secure online file sharing service for sites participating in ICNARC’s national clinical audits and research studies.

It manages the secure transfer of files to and from ICNARC and participating sites.

CMP participating units can now download and upload documents via the File Exchange tab on the CMP web portal.

Key benefits of using File Exchange

  • Improved data security in line with NHS guidelines
  • Secure transfer of files between ICNARC and sites through automated encryption
  • Central location and ongoing/historical access to documents
  • Immediate and broader (site wide) access to your files

Getting started

To access File Exchange please log in to the CMP web portal using your registered ICNARC username and password and click on the File Exchange tab. If you are not currently registered as a CMP User, you can register now.

For further details on how to use File Exchange please refer to the guides CMP File Exchange - Guide to downloading files and CMP File Exchange - Guide to uploading files (see Related files for both documents).


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