What is INICUA?

The Irish National Intensive Care Unit Audit (INICUA) is an audit of patient outcomes from adult, general critical care units (intensive care and combined intensive care/high dependency units) covering the whole of the Republic of Ireland.

INICUA is run in conjunction with the National Office of Clinical Audit (NOCA), who commissioned the audit.

INICUA is open to publically funded and independent sector critical care units.

How it works:

Critical care units collect data on all patients admitted to their unit. Data is securely submitted to the INICUA team, and run against over 600 validation checks, which identify potential errors as well as missing and unusual data. The units use these checks to update their data before returning it for further validation checks.

Once the data has passed all validation checks, it is ready for analysis.

Reports based on these data are then sent to units, identifying trends over time and any potential quality indicators.

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