Dataset top tip: Re-arrests

What determines the end of a team visit?

The following is an excerpt from the NCAA Data Collection and Validation Advice Guide, available via File Exchange:

'NCAA data are collected on team visits, NOT cardiac arrests. Furthermore, a patient can arrest more than once during a team visit.

In situations where you are unsure whether or not to record a subsequent team visit record please apply the following advice.

A team visit can only end where:

  • the individual achieves ROSC > 20 minutes; or
  • the individual dies.

Only record a subsequent team visit record for the same patient where:

  • a new 2222 call was made after ROSC >20 minutes was achieved (and the subsequent visit meets the full scope).

If an additional team member is required, and is summoned by a second 2222 call during the arrest, this is not recorded as a new team visit, as the team member is being called to provide additional
support only.

If you have any complex scenarios where you are unsure how many team visits to record, please contact the NCAA Team.'

For re-arrests following a pre-hospital arrest, refer to the Pre-Hospital Flowchart.

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