Some participants have fed back to us about the benefits their hospitals have experienced by being part of NCAA.

You can read their full testimonials in Testimonials from NCAA participating hospitals (see Related files for document).

Peter Rabey (Deputy Medical Director, University Hospitals of Leicester)

"Taking part in... NCAA allows us to benchmark the incidence and outcomes of cardiac arrest in our hospitals. It has also driven up our standard of reporting. We can now focus our efforts where the data leads us."

Gill Haskett (Senior Resuscitation Officer, Southmead Hospital, Bristol)

“…part of NCAA since 2010…NCAA has always been valuable for monitoring cardiac arrest rates and particularly highlighting increased incidents. This has helped with planning medical cover at those times.

…helped us keep track of trends and we are pleased to report that our number of cardiac arrests continues to fall.”

Louise Turvey (Senior Resuscitation Officer, Royal Preston Hospital and Chorley and South Ribble District General Hospital)

“… participating in NCAA since October 2010…has aided us (the Resuscitation Service) to raise the profile of cardiac arrests and collection of these data for audit within the organisation...The quarterly NCAA Report facilitates effective reporting to Executive and Governance bodies and provides insight into benchmarking with other hospitals throughout the country.”

Jane Carnall (Resuscitation Training Officer, Whiston Hospital)

“We joined NCAA … in 2010 and saw benefits straight away. The NCAA dataset is straightforward and with the NCAA secure online data entry system, data entry and validation is easy."

Robin Davies (Senior Resuscitation Officer, Birmingham Heartlands Hospital, Good Hope Hospital and Solihull Hospital)

“We rapidly realised that we could only provide high quality resuscitation care by measuring what we do and comparing this with other hospitals...NCAA Reports are particularly useful because they benchmark our hospital data compared with the ‘national’ picture.” 

Richard Young (Senior Resuscitation Officer, St Mary’s Hospital)

“On joining NCAA, the advantages were immediately clear...The quality of these reports greatly exceed our own and provide an array of data comparisons, all of which are not only very interesting but more importantly essential in further developing our clinical resuscitation services to enhance the quality and safety of patient care.”


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