NCAA Reports

NCAA Reports are the main product of NCAA and provide comparative analyses of individual hospital data for local performance management and quality improvement initiatives.

Data are only analysed once they have passed a rigorous validation process to ensure they are of high quality.

Cumulative reports are run each quarter of the financial year (April-June/April-September/April-December/April-March).


NCAA Reports include reporting of risk-adjusted outcome, trend analyses over time, stratified analyses (comparing the hospital with the NCAA data as a whole on specific outcome variables) and activity analyses. This highlights areas for improvement and local successes in the delivery of care.

Risk-adjusted outcome takes differences in patient/event characteristics into account to provide valid, accurate comparisons of outcome between hospitals (currently anonymised).

Risk-adjusted analyses are provided on two outcomes:

  • Return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) greater than 20 minutes; and
  • Survival to hospital discharge.

See NCAA Risk Models for more details. You can also view a sample NCAA Report.


NCAA Reports are provided confidentially to each individual hospital.

Further analysis

If you are interested in aspects of the NCAA data not covered by the NCAA Reports, ad hoc analyses and data access are available. See 'Access our data'.

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