An Interview With…Kelly Shiel, Resuscitation Officer

Kelly shares her experience of participating in NCAA

Kelly is a Resuscitation Officer for Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust (NUH), covering both Queen’s Medical Centre and City Hospital, Nottingham.

We asked Kelly a few questions about her experience of participating in NCAA.

How long have you been working on NCAA?

I have been a Resuscitation Officer since 2013 and was a Neurosurgical Nurse prior to this. One of my roles as a Resuscitation Officer is to collate and manage the cardiac arrest data required for NCAA and I have been completing this role for the last 18 months.

What do you find are the benefits of participating in NCAA for you and your hospital?

Through the collection of data required for NCAA, we can study and focus on patient outcomes post cardiac arrest. Through dissemination and circulation of this outstanding data we can showcase and make relevant to clinical staff what a fantastic job their teams do at cardiac arrest calls. We are also able to improve practices surrounding inappropriate resuscitation attempts and continue to improve work surrounding DNACPR orders.

Who do you share your NCAA reports with and how?

As I am relatively new to the NCAA role it has only been recently that we have started to disseminate our data collected more widely to varying different groups, including Recognise and Rescue and Governance teams at NUH.

Have you had any data collection and/or validation challenges?

The main challenge I find with the NCAA role is the varying medical documentation that occurs post a cardiac arrest. To aid with the completion of medical documentation post cardiac arrest, we are currently designing a 2222 medical document that will clearly capture all the relevant information post cardiac arrest and will also aid with the time spent away by the cardiac arrest team from their ward environments.

Do you have any tips for other NCAA participants?

Check your 'Pending outcome' data (patient still in your hospital) on a semi-monthly basis to ensure your data is updated swiftly and to save time when submitting your quarterly data for your NCAA Report.

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank Kelly and NUH for agreeing to be interviewed and for their ongoing participation.

If you're a participating NCAA hospital and would be interested in being interviewed, please contact the NCAA Team.

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