Dataset top tip: Haemodialysis

Recording haemodialysis unit as a 'Location of arrest' or 'Post-arrest location'

When a patient arrests in the haemodialysis unit the 'Location of arrest' should be recorded as:

  • "Other intermediate care area" if the patient has been fully admitted to the unit; or
  • "Specialist treatment area" if the patient was not admitted (intervention only).

NB: If the patient's 'Reason for admission to/attendance at/visit to your hospital' was haemodialysis for intervention only (not admitted), they should be recorded as an "Outpatient". An admitted patient should be recorded as "Patient-Medical".

If the patient remains in the haemodialysis unit post-arrest, the 'Post-arrest location' should be recorded as "Other intermediate care area" only if the patient has been fully admitted to the unit either pre or post-arrest. 

Remember, 'Post-arrest location' should the the first location (within your hospital) that the individual was admitted to post-arrest (prompted by the arrest). "Speciaist treatment area" is an interventional area and therefore not an option in the 'Post-arrest location' field. 

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