Dataset top tip: Use of "Other intermediate care area" as 'Location of arrest' or 'Post-arrest location'

What is an "Other intermediate care area" and when should I use it?

"Other intermediate care area" is another area within your hospital where the level of care is greater than the normal ward but is not an ICU or combined ICU/HDU or HDU or CCU. This is typically indicative of a Level 1 care area.

When using this as a 'Location of arrest' and/or 'Post-arrest location', a validation query will be raised asking you to specify the location. Please ensure that your hospital is consistent in the naming of these locations, and do not use abbreviations.

Examples of an "Other intermediate care area" may include, but is not limited to, Acute Units (Care/Medical/Respiratory/Stroke), Surgical Units, Assessment Units (that are not an "Emergency admissions unit (or equivalent)", etc, where the level of care meets the definition above.

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