Platform X - Quick Start Guide

This guide is to help new users to Platform X ( get up and running with the CMP data validation process.  This guide will cover the workflow of a typical quarter of data from first upload through to the data going clean and ready for reporting in the QQR.  


The first step for any new quarter will be to upload a data file.

 Step-by-step guide


  1. If you have permission to more than one unit, please ensure you have selected the correct unit for which you are uploading data.
  2. Click on 'Choose file' and use the file browser window to select the XML file you wish to upload. Once selected click 'Ok'.
  3. Once you have the correct unit and file selected, click on 'Upload file' to send your file to ICNARC.
  4. Once the file has been saved a message will be displayed back to you to summarise the result of the upload process.  A successful upload will result in a green box, and if an issue was encountered a red box will appear instead, with a message to detail the problem encountered, such as a file of the same name already waiting in the queue. 
  5. If your file was received without any issues, this will add the data to the queue of files waiting to be loaded onto platform X. You can see the position and details of your current and previous uploads on the Upload Summary dashboard, accessible via the hyperlink or on the left hand navigation menu.

Upload Summary

The upload summary dashboard displays information on currently queued and previously loaded files sent to ICNARC via Platform X.

Please note - this dashboard with automatically refresh every 3 minutes in order to display the most recent queue information.


Step-by-step guide

  1. If you have permission to more than one unit, please ensure you have selected the correct unit for which you would like to view a summary of uploaded and queued data files. You can also filter the list of uploads by status.
  2. Each data file will be displayed as a row in this table.  The status of the file can be seen in the status column.  Files which are still in the queue will have a status of 'Queued'. Files which have loaded into Platform X successfully will have a status of 'Loaded' but if a problem was encountered this status will be 'Failed'.
  3. Further detail can be displayed for any file by clicking on the relevant row in the table.  By default, the detail for the first row will be displayed.
  4. If the data was loaded successfully a link to the DVR will be displayed on the right.  Please note - this will always be a link to the most up to date DVR so if subsequent data has been sent this will be reflected in the DVR dashboard.



After your data has been loaded into Platform X, your DVR will be available instantly.  You can begin reviewing your queries and resolving data issues right away without needing to wait.


Step-by-step guide

There are several features on the DVR dashboard, we will go through them in the order they appear on the dashboard.

  1. The scope filters can found at the top of the screen.  These allow you to filter the Queries displayed on the dashboard by their scope.   Please note - see below for further information.
  2. The status filters can be displayed by clicking on the 'Show Filters' button.  Please note - see below for further information.
  3. DVR queries which meet the set filter criteria will be displayed here.  Please note - see below for further information.
  4. You can navigate through the pages by clicking on these buttons which are displayed at the top and bottom of the screen.
  5. The total number of pages can be seen at the top left of the page under the summary details.


DVR - scope filter

Use these filters to change which type of queries are displayed.  By default all outstanding queries will be displayed.


Step-by-step guide

The DVR queries are grouped by scope.  These buttons allow you to change which queries are displayed.

  1. The buttons from left to right are: All, DVR, Manual Data Coordinator, and Readmission queries. By default all current queries will be displayed.  
  2. The status filters can be displayed by clicking on the 'Show Filters' button.  Please note - see below for further information.


DVR - status filter

Use these filters to show or hide queries depending on their status.


Step-by-step guide

By default, the DVR shows all outstanding queries. These will encompass invalid and unusual data queries. For invalid data queries the data will need to be amended and re-uploaded. For unusual (including missing) data queries, once the unit reviews the query, they can "confirm" it to indicate that the data are correct. For some queries explanatory comments will also be required to explain the unusual data. The CMP Data Coordinator at ICNARC will then review the query/ comments, and if they are satisfied with the data and explanation, they will approve the query, which is then resolved and complete.

  1. Click on the show/hide filters button to display or hide the filters.  
  2. Queries can be filtered by confirmation status, approval status, whether they are outcome queries and admission number.  Please note - by default, for an audit clerk, the queries displayed will be those which have not yet been approved by their Data Coordinator, and are still awaiting confirmation. 
  3. To change the current filter on the queries click on the 'Apply filters' button.



DVR - confirming queries

Use the information provided to resolve and respond to queries.


Step-by-step guide

  1. For each query, the CMP admission number, status of the query and brief query description is given.  Any free text recorded for the admission can be viewed by hovering the mouse over the green copy icon. Please Note -  To copy the text box notes to the message field, click on the green button.  Click on the admission number to go into the admission and view all the data.
  2. If the query is particularly unusual an explanatory comment will be required in order to confirm the data as correct, and a text box will be displayed automatically for you to type in this additional information for your Data Coordinator.  

    Otherwise a comment is optional and you can press the blue speech bubble icon button to toggle a comments box when required.  

    To confirm a query as correct click on the 'Confirm' button.  To send a message to your Data Coordinator without confirming the query click on 'Send Message'. Your comments/messages for each query will be displayed below the query description.  Responses and comments from your Data Coordinator will also appear here.


DVR - updating data

Step-by-step guide

  1. Any queries which highlight an error with the recorded data are resolved by first correcting the data on your local software.  Update the relevant patient record as you would usually do.  When you are ready to send the updated data to us, simply export a new data file, and upload it to Platform X in the same way as you uploaded the original file (see above).  Please note- There are no limits to the number of files you are allowed to upload so please upload updated data into Platform X as it becomes available and is convenient for you.  
  2. After you upload a new file, any queries which are no longer relevant due the data being updated will automatically disappear from your DVR. Uploading updated data often will help you keep track of which queries have already been resolved.

Finishing the DVR & period level checks


Step-by-step guide

  1. Once all queries have been confirmed/updated by you, and the data for all admissions in the quarter have been submitted, please proceed to mark the quarter as 'Complete' on the Period Overview dashboard by clicking the 'Mark Complete' button next to the relevant quarter of Data. 
  2. This process will notify your Data Coordinator that all data for this quarter has now been submitted, and will also automatically run the period level checks. Once the process completes the number of period level checks will be display on the screen.
  3. Click on the 'Period Queries' button to proceed to the Period Level Check dashboard where you can complete these queries in a similar process to the DVR.  Once all DVR and period level checks have been confirmed or correctly by you, and approved by your Data Coordinator the Validation Status for the period of data will automatically update to a clean status (e.g. 'Clean (Lock)', or 'Clean (Pending Outcome)').  Once this happens your data are ready for reporting and your Data Coordinator will automatically be notified.


Other helpful information

The majority of your activity in platform X will take place on the Upload, DVR, and Period level check dashboards.  

Other dashboards which will be helpful as you proceed through the validation process are the Audit Clerk dashboard, and the Periods Overview dashboard.

The Audit Clerk dashboard is the first page you see when you log into Platform X and gives summary information on all periods currently undergoing validation including the DVR progress bar, number of outstanding and total Period Level Checks, submission and validation status. 

The Periods Overview dashboard provides you with a summary of the status of the periods of data uploaded to platform X for your unit.

For help with these or any other dashboards, please contact your Data Coordinator.  


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