Using our data

Data from our national clinical audits can be used to support and enhance other projects through data linkage, data sharing and case identification. We can therefore increase data available for audit and research without increasing the burden of data collection.

Supporting audit

We link our data to other datasets for common benefit and to avoid duplication of data collection; for example linking to the oesophageal cancer audit.

We share our data with other parties to provide context for their own projects; for example CMP data on all paediatric admissions to adult critical care are provided to PICANet.

We use our data to identify cases which are, or could be, useful for other audits; for example the NICE Management of the Open Abdomen Audit.

Supporting research

Many research projects, both internal to ICNARC and external, have been enhanced through the use of our data. Internal examples include the FIRE and RAIN observational studies, and the CALORIES randomised controlled trial. Externally, our data were used for the TracMan and BALTI-2 randomised controlled trials and are currently being used for the LAUNCHES QI and CHAMPION projects.

Interested in national audit data projects?

Please visit the access our data pages if you are interested in exploring data linking, sharing or usage projects relating to CMP or NCAA data. For more general queries relating to National Audit Programme data, please contact

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