National Audit Programme Team

The Audit Team oversees our national clinical audit work by supporting and developing our current two audits, the Case Mix Programme (CMP) and National Cardiac Arrest Audit (NCAA). We work to ensure that both the CMP and NCAA deliver the same high standard of work and customer service to those sites participating in our national clinical audits. 

We also develop new national clinical audits for emerging critical care needs, which includes working in conjunction with other organisations.

Programme Manager

The Programme Manager has overall responsibility for our National Audit Programme. The Programme Manager sets the strategic direction of NAP and its existing audits, whilst implementing projects to improve their products and services. The Programme Manager also works to develop new clinical audits to meet the emerging needs of the critical care community.

Data Managers

The Data Managers' roles are to ensure the high quality of the data being analysed for both the CMP and NCAA is maintained. The Data Managers also look at our underlying technical systems for ways to continually improve the quality of data, products and processes of our audits.

Audit/Events Administrator 

The Audit/Events Administrator provides administrative support to the CMP and NCAA and other emerging audits. This involves performing a variety of administrative tasks, preparing for and running events and assisting in the development of both audits.

All staff working on our national clinical audits are part of the wider Audit Team.

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