Data management

Data collected as part of any research trial/study must be of a high quality, with sites collecting data consistently. Effective data management ensures the quality of the data before the data are analysed. 

How do we ensure good quality data?

Each individual case entered onto the secure web portals is checked for missing, unusual and invalid data. Data are also checked to ensure adherence to the trial/study protocols and to closely monitor the safety of participants.

How are new data quality issues identified?

Throughout all our processes, from the Data Manager reviewing validation to Statisticians preparing analyses, we monitor for any additional data issues. When new data quality issues are identified, they are reviewed and if necessary new checks or procedures are introduced.

What happens after completion of the clinical trial/study?

We ensure that all expected data have been collected and checked for quality. Once all data management activities are complete, the database is locked and the data are ready for statistical analysis.

ICNARC data management

Data management summarises data management across ICNARC as a whole.