Latest vacancies: Clinical Trials Unit Manager, Research Assistant and Data Manager

We have a number of exciting roles available within our Clinical Trials Unit and to work across our clinical research and audit activities. 

Clinical Trials Unit Manager

Are you an experienced Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) or research focussed Operations Manager? Are you interested in a key role supporting the success of the CTU that looks to improve the care and outcomes of critically ill patients? If so, we want to hear from you.
The role will be key to ensure continued delivery of high-quality and efficient research, whilst optimising the CTU’s potential for growth both nationally and internationally. You will work closely with the senior CTU leadership, including CTU Director, Professor Kathy Rowan, and Head of Research, Paul Mouncey to provide high-level support to the clinical trials unit in three main areas: (1) Ongoing development and maintenance of the CTU infrastructure; (2) Facilitate new funding applications (3) Provide ongoing support to research teams.

Research Assistant

This is an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic individual looking to further develop their skills in research methodology and conduct, to join our team in the Clinical Trials Unit, led by CTU Director, Professor Kathy Rowan, and Head of Research, Paul Mouncey.

You will support Trial Managers and staff in critical care units in the delivery of a range of research studies and clinical trials, initially across our portfolio of paediatric critical care studies. The primary focus will be on the National Institute for Health Research Health Technology Assessment funded FIRST-ABC study – two pragmatic, multicentre randomised controlled trials (RCTs) evaluating the most effective form of non-invasive respiratory support for critically ill children. Other studies you will be involved in will include COAST – investigating oxygen delivery in Africa for children with severe pneumonia and Depict – assessing access to paediatric intensive care and transport services.

Data Manager 

We are looking for an experienced Data Manager who will take responsibility for planning, developing, implementing and maintaining effective data management processes across ICNARC’s clinical research and audit activities, in order to ensure the quality and integrity of data.

You will work with project teams to understand and identify data collection and analysis requirements when developing new datasets, or updating existing datasets; develop relevant policies, procedures and documents; work with project and IT teams in the development of online data collection/validation systems; and ensure data meet expected standards of quality in accordance with the standards of Good Clinical Practice and other relevant legislation.

Find out more

The closing date for these exciting roles is Sunday 18 November. To find out more about the roles and how to apply, please visit our Careers site

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