FREE Study Management Group

The Study Management Group is responsible for the day-to-day management of the study.


  • Professor Kathy Rowan, CTU Director, ICNARC (Chief Investigator)
  • Dr Stephen Wright, Consultant in Anaesthesia & ICU, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle (Lead Clinical Investigator)
  • Emma Walmsley, FREE Study Coordinator, ICNARC
  • Steven Saunders, Research Administrator, ICNARC
  • Dr Sheila Harvey, CTU Manager/Senior Research Fellow, ICNARC
  • Emily Robinson, Statistician, ICNARC
  • Dr David Harrison, Senior Statistician, ICNARC
  • Professor Daren Heyland, Scientific Director, Kingston General Hospital, Canada
  • Dr Lisa Hinton, Senior Qualitative Researcher, University of Oxford (Patient and family member representative)
  • Professor Elaine McColl, Director, Newcastle CTU
  • Annette Richardson, Nurse Consultant in Critical Care, Freeman Hospital, Newcastle
  • Michael Richardson (Family member representative)    

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