• 2015    
    Authors: Sadique Z, Harrison DA, Grieve R, Rowan KM, Pearse RM; OPTIMISE study group Title: Cost-effectiveness of a cardiac output-guided haemodynamic therapy algorithm in high-risk patients undergoing major gastrointestinal surgery Publication: Perioperative Medicine PubMed citation
  • 2014    
    Authors: Pearse RM, Harrison DA, MacDonald N, Gillies MA, Blunt M, Ackland G, Grocott MPW, Ahern A, Griggs K, Scott R, Hinds C, Rowan K for the Optimise study group Title: Effect of a perioperative, cardiac output-guided, hemodynamic therapy algorithm on outcomes following major gastrointestinal surgery: A randomized clinical trial and updated systematic review Publication: The Journal of the American Medical Association Journal website PubMed citation

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