Protocolised Management In Sepsis

Status: Analysis and report writing

What is this study about?

A research study in the US found that usual treatment for patients who come into the emergency department with sepsis (a severe infection) worked better as a six-hour structured treatment plan.

ProMISe is a research study to find out if this treatment plan would work in UK NHS hospitals.  The study is taking place in 56 NHS hospitals throughout the UK and will compare:

  • a six-hour treatment plan with a series of structured steps that must be started as soon as possible, and completed over a six-hour period; with
  • usual treatment – less structured, where a doctor may or may not follow a series of steps within a set time.

The study included 1,260 patients who came to the emergency department with a severe infection – 630 patients received the six-hour structured treatment plan and 630 patients received usual treatment.

When is it taking place?

The study started in February 2011 and finished recruitment in July 2014.

Who is leading the study?

Professor Kathy Rowan, ICNARC

This study is funded by the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) – Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme (Project: 07/37/47)

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