ProMISe Trial Steering Committee

The Trial Steering Committee oversees the conduct of the trial and comprises independent (of the trial team) and non-independent members.  

Independent members

  • Caroline Bowers (Patient representative)
  • Phil Crow (Patient representative)
  • Professor Steve Goodacre, Professor of Emergency Medicine, School of Health and Related Research, University of Sheffield (Chair)
  • Professor Rupert Pearse, Professor & Consultant in Intensive Care Medicine, The Royal London Hospital
  • Professor David Yates, Emeritus Professor of Emergency Medicine, University of Manchester

Non-independent members

  • Professor Julian Bion, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham
  • Professor Kathy Rowan, CTU Director, ICNARC (Chief Investigator) 

Previous Independent member

  • Professor David Bennett, Emeritus Professor of Intensive Care Medicine, St George's Hospital, London

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