This section includes documentation and processes to assist clinical teams in randomising patients into REMAP-CAP

Randomisation system

Randomisation is carried out at the following url (or the below QR code: https://remapcap.spinnakersoftware.com/

Each hospitals shoud have a generic account that allows you to login to the system and randomise patients. You can also use your individual accounts if you have one. Please contact your local PI or research nurse to obtain this. Randomisation to all domains takes a maximum of 5 minutes.

Eligibility worksheet

To enable randomisation, we have produced a template flyer and a paper eligibility worksheet to allow you to assess the eligibility of a COVID-19 patient prior to entry onto the randomisation system.


REMAP-CAP co-enrols with RECOVERY, details can be found here.

Intervention delivery

Administration guides can be found on the 'Pharmacy page'

Consent documentation (COVID-19)

Professional legal representative (across all sites)

Patient/relative for sites in England and Wales

Patient/relative for sites in Northern Ireland

Patient/relative for sites in Scotland

Translated versions of the patient information sheets can be found below:

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