Quarterly Quality Report (QQR) update

With units now submitting April-June 2017 data, we have moved into the new 2017/18 reporting year, and so are preparing the latest update to your Quarterly Quality Reports (QQRs).

The key updates to the reports are:

  • High risk admissions from the ward – will be updated to base organ dysfunction on SOFA criteria;

  • High risk sepsis admissions from the ward - the definition used for sepsis in this indicator will be updated to the latest Sepsis 3 definition, removing SIRS criteria and basing organ dysfunction on SOFA criteria; and

  • Infection - an infection summary page will be added, presenting figures for MRSA, C. difficile and VRE, along with unit-acquired infection rates per 1,000 patient days for these three infections and unit-acquired infections in blood.

 You will see these updates when you receive your 2017/18 Q1 QQR.

Published 17/08/2017


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