National data opt-out

ICNARC is a secondary provider with no direct access to the NHS SPINE where all patients’ National data opt-out (NDOO) preferences are directly recorded, thus we are exempt from directly complying with the national opt-out policy.                                     

ICNARC receives identifiable data where applicable from NHS providers who directly access SPINE which already incorporates patients’ opt-out preferences. Where data has already been flowed to ICNARC, applicable originating provider will contact us if a patient subsequently opt out to remove such patient’s data from our database.

Both the Case Mix Programme (CMP) and the National Cardiac Arrest Audit (NCAA) have been granted exemption from the NDOO by the Secretary of State following advice from the Confidentiality Advisory Group (CAG). Please see the NHS Digital website here for confirmation.

Further information about your rights under the NDOO can be found here.