Case Mix Programme Public Report 2022-23

The CMP public report releases results from the CMP, to the public, to provide a valuable insight into the quality of NHS adult critical care. The CMP Public Report 2022-23 covers CMP data from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023 and comprises of the following documents which are downloadable from this page: 

  • Summary statistics – overall statistics on NHS critical care in England, Wales and Northern Ireland
  • Highlights infographic – a high-level summary of CMP data from the report period
  • Comparative Unit Report – details CMP results for risk-adjusted mortality and key quality indicators for each eligible participating critical care unit; filterable by region, critical care network, Trust or Health Board, and hospital
  • Supporting documents
    • CMP detection and management of outliers – an outlier is a result that is, statistically, significantly further from the expected comparator value than would usually occur by chance alone. The policy document details how CMP outlier units for risk-adjusted mortality and key quality indicators are identified, notified and managed
    • The ICNARC Model 2023 – summarises the ICNARCH-2023 model for predicted risk of acute hospital mortality
    • Statistical appendix – describes the performance of the risk model for the data in this report