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Pneumonia is swelling, or inflammation, of the tissue in the lungs and is usually caused by a bacterial infection. It is a life-threatening condition and is one of the leading causes of childhood death in sub-Saharan Africa. Children are still at risk of dying after they are discharged from hospital, particularly if they are malnourished. However, there is no formal evidence that supplementing a child’s usual feed improves outcomes for under-nourished children.

‘Ready-to-use therapeutic food’ (RUTF) is a high-energy fortified food used for the treatment of severe acute malnutrition. It has also been used in moderate acute malnutrition as a supplementary feed alongside of usual diet.


We are studying whether RUTF added to usual diet improves malnutrition and/or mortality for children recovering from pneumonia by carrying out a randomised clinical trial (COAST-Nutrition) in four hospitals in Kenya and Uganda. The clinical trial included 846 children and ran from summer 2018 to spring 2022. COAST-Nutrition was initially a part of the COAST trial studying use of oxygen and continued as a separate trial when the COAST trial stopped recruiting.

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Chief investigator(s)

Professor Kathryn Maitland, Imperial College London


Imperial College London


Joint Global Health Trials scheme: Medical Research Council Department for International Development Wellcome Trust

European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP)

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ISRCTN Registry: ISRCTN10829073

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Trial manager: Emmanuel Oguda, KEMRI Wellcome Trust Programme (KWTP), Kenya


Phone: +254417522063