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We have provided a number of translations for both UK-ROX and EXAKT patient documents.

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Community Engagement

As part of the EXAKT study, we work with Community Engagement Partners to support the progress of the study by engaging the breadth of Black and racially minoritised individuals and communities[1] in England. Our community partners, Liberating Knowledge, Lewisham Council & The Centre of Ethnic Health Research, work with us in the following areas:

  • Insight work – To engage with Black and racially minoritised communities to gauge understanding of structural racism in acute health care, use of medical technology and what would be helpful to mitigate issues.
  • Community promotion of programme – To work with Black and racially minoritised community leaders to highlight that this critical work is being undertaken.
  • Coproduction of patient material – To develop leaflets and other patient materials with representatives of Black and racially minoritised communities for families and patients to explain why this work is being undertaken.
  • Programme oversight – A lay and a scientific representative from Black and racially minoritised communities will be appointed to the study steering Group.
  • Communication of findings – The community partner and members of the study steering group are involved in synthesising and communicating the findings to the local and scientific communities.
[1] For more information on the use of the term ‘minoritised’ please see this article from The Lancet.

You can find the results of our community engagement work here.

Liberating Knowledge (LK) is the official Community Engagement Partner for the EXAKT study.

In collaboration with the LK team, the following blogs have been produced:

  •  12 April 2024 – Exploring the role of pulse oximeters on the health outcomes of racially minoritised communities