You can find our UK-ROX training resources here.

SIVs are held virtually, over Microsoft Teams or Zoom. They offer a chance to learn more about your role as a participating site.

How do I set up an SIV?

If you would like to attend an SIV, please contact the UK-ROX trial team at to arrange a suitable date. Once you have attended the session, please let us know using the Training completion form below.

What happens if I miss my SIV?

If you or a member of your team are unable to attend a UK-ROX SIV, you can find a recorded version of the SIV here:

If you have any questions about the trial after watching the recording, please send these through to the trial team and we would be happy to help. Once you have watched the recording, please let us know using the Training completion form below.

The latest UK-ROX SIV presentation slides are available for download here.

On UK-ROX we use MACRO as our primary Electronic Data Capture system. The MACRO Database training session provides specific guidance on the UK-ROX database and general guidance on using MACRO.

You can watch the MACRO Training Session here:

The MACRO Database training slides are available for download here.

Once you have attended an SIV session or watched the SIV or Database Training videos, please confirm this with the UK-ROX trial team by completing and returning this form:

Presentation slides to support the training of your clinical team are available for download here.

Short training videos covering key topics (such as eligibility, conservative oxygen therapy and consent) are available here:



Intervention (conservative oxygen therapy)

You can find more helpful information here: