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    Quarterly Prize winner

    This quarter’s winner is the Intensive Care/High Dependency Unit at Poole Hospital for timely submission of increasingly excellent quality data and efficient validation. Read more to find out why. Read more...
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    CMP staff update: Welcome to Kerrie

    ICNARC is very pleased to announce that Kerrie Gemmill has been appointed as Managing Director and commenced in this position on 3 May 2017. Read more...
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    Quarterly Quality Report (QQR) update

    Read about the updates being made to your Quarterly Quality Reports (QQRs) for the new 2017/18 reporting year. Read more...
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    Validation Status Update

    The latest status on data validation
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    New Vacancy: Treasurer

    ICNARC is looking for a Treasurer to join its Board of Trustees! Read more...
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    New Vacancy: Trustee

    ICNARC is looking for a Trustee with expertise in Digital and Technology and General Management expertise! Read more...
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    New Vacancy: Senior Trial Manager

    This is an exciting opportunity to bring your experience in managing clinical trials to deliver research in a unique and innovative organisation Read more...
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