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    Quarterly Prize winner

    This quarter’s winner is the Intensive Care/High Dependency Unit at Poole Hospital for timely submission of increasingly excellent quality data and efficient validation. Read more to find out why. Read more...
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    Quarterly Quality Report (QQR) update

    Read about the updates being made to your Quarterly Quality Reports (QQRs) for the new 2017/18 reporting year. Read more...
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    Validation Status Update

    The latest status on data validation
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  8. 2017
    01 NOV

    NCAA Annual Meeting 2017

    The NCAA Annual Meeting is a fantastic opportunity for all NCAA participants to come together in a supportive and collaborative environment. This year we are holding our meeting at etc.venues near Farringdon. If you would like to know more about this years NCAA Annual Meeting, or to see a summary of previous year's events please to go to the NCAA Annual Meeting page. Read more...
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    Information from the Case Mix Programme is now available on NHS Choices and My NHS

    ICNARC has been working with HQIP to produce intensive care information for NHS using data from the CMP AQR 2015/16 Read more...
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