Data access or analysis to support quality improvement initiatives by participating service providers is provided as part of each provider’s participation agreement. Data access and analysis to support service delivery or research is generally provided on a cost-recovery basis (see Data access and analysis request policy for details). For requests to support service delivery or research without funding available to support the request, and proposals for research collaboration, please contact us outlining your request or proposal in your own words. 

The process of applying for data or analysis from ICNARC is illustrated in the diagram below: 

Steps in the data application process: 


Review ICNARC’s guide to applying for data or analysis services
See ICNARC’s guide to applying for data or analyses services and complete interactive tool to determine whether to complete an application form, and what information to include with your request. 


Submit your data request 
If advised to do so, complete and submit a data request form


Information governance review
Preliminary screening by ICNARC’s Statistics Project Manager, with input from ICNARCs Data Protection Officer and Statisticians regarding compliance of the request with information governance laws. 


Complexity assessment 
ICNARC’s Statisticians will review your request to estimate the time required to produce the data or analysis, which will be the basis for your quote (please see Data access and analyses policy for costs).


Data Access Committee review
ICNARC’s Data Access Committee will consider alignment of the request with ICNARC’s mission, any risks to patients, the public or healthcare service providers that have not been identified, and the operational capacity of ICNARC to support to the request. If the request falls outside of usual reasons for processing, or if specific risks are identified with the project, then the Data Access Committee will seek additional input from ICNARC’s Independent Data Access Oversight Committee. Requests requiring input from the Independent Data Access Oversight Committee will require additional time for processing. If approved, an Information Sharing Agreement will generally be issued for signing by all relevant parties at this point, prior to data production and transfer. 


Data production and transfer
ICNARC’s Statistics or Data Management team will produce your data extract or analysis and arrange any necessary data transfers.  


Project completion
The applicant uses data within the agreed scope of data use outlined in any Information Sharing Agreement.


Reporting and data destruction 
The applicant reports outputs of data use to ICNARC for publication in our data use register and conducts any archiving and data destruction activities agreed in the Information Sharing Agreement.