Sepsis Pathophysiological and Organisational Timing

Status: Analysis and report writing 

What is this study about?

Pathophysiological refers to the breakdown of the normal regulation of the body’s systems (circulation, kidney function etc.) that occurs in critical illness.  Severe sepsis (a severe infection) occurs when this breakdown impairs the normal function of these systems.    

(SPOT)light is a research study taking place in 94 NHS Hospitals throughout the UK to evaluate how this pathophysiology evolves over time.  We think that timing is important, and if we are correct then this may lead to changes in how we might use new treatments in the future.  It may also help us better audit the quality of critical care. 

The study will include data on over 20,000 patients admitted to hospital who develop a severe illness and require admission to the critical care unit.

This study uses data from the Case Mix Programme.

When is this study taking place?

The study started in November 2010 and recruited the last patient in December 2011. 

Who is leading the study?

Dr Steve Harris, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine

This study is funded by the Wellcome Trust (Project: 088613/Z/09/Z) and ICNARC

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